Kerala contemporary home elevation design 2163 Sq ft

This independent house has a car porch and a spacious sit out.The small lawn or courtyard from the sitout is given with provision for sunlight.From the foyer a living and a separate dining area is given.There is two bedroom is with 1 attached bath.A spacious kitchen one modular and a work area and a common bathroom .

House plan Buying Options

2D plan package

If you want the 2D Home plan of this design then 2D plan package is for You.

This have the following design documents.

2D Floor plan- The 2D plan have room size , room positions, Window positions , door positions , Wall locations and staircases position etc.

Package Price : 999 Rs

2D Elevation package

If you want the 2D elevation along with plan of this home design then 2D elevation package is for You.

This have the following design documents.

  • 2D Floor plan
  • 2D Front Elevation

Package Price : 1999 Rs

Readymade Home plans

If you want the basic plan of this design then readymade home plan package is for You. This have the following design documents.

  • 2D Floor plan
  • 2D Front Elevation
  • 3D front elevation

Package Price : 2999 Rs

Budget Details

  • The approximate cost doesn’t include the Land price or house plan design price.
  • The approximate cost calculated based on the lowest RCC cost of super structure only for simplicity . 
  • Should not be used for any Legal or agreement purpose.
  • Calculate the detailed estimate with help of a local Engineer .
  • If you see any errors or wrong estimated cost please contact us via , we will correct the issues.

Construction Methods

  • construction using RCC Slabs , beams and columns structure
  • construction using modular and prefabricated home
  • construction using prefabricated home construction
  • construction using Interlock brick house
  • construction using Compressed Earth Bricks
  • construction using Mud bricks reinforced by natural fibres from straw and coconut
  • construction using Fly ash hollow bricks
  • construction using Autoclaved aerated Concrete or AAC Home
  • construction using Laterite Stone and RCC slab , beam , column method

So before ordering this custom home construction service please discuss with empaneled service provider and fix the right method of construction , budget , terms of construction  and time line etc.

You can buy this  hind-26005 complete house plan package from Homeinner and either build via empanelled service provider or Your local builder .  Make sure You have discussed and agreed the construction budget / Material / Time line / design etc before starting the construction with Your selected construction service provider .

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